Business Opportunities in the Gambia 2019 Budget

Life successes are not about how things happen; they come as a result of how we react to things that happen in our environment. That is why one person see a challenge as an opportunity while others may see it as a big problem that should be solved by only the government.

Every year the government publishes annual budget of projected revenue, grants and key expenditures for the subsequent year. The budget comes along with measures which government aims to implement in the year.

However, most people see the national budget as a tool for politicians, economists and civil servants. Contrary, if you read the national budget speeches with a different mindset, you will find that it is a document with multiple job and business opportunities.

In this article, I have gathered a few potential job opportunities and business ideas from the Gambia 2019 budget speech.

All the essential facts in this article are from the Minister of Finance budget speech, and you can download the full statement at the bottom of this article.

1. E-marketing in the Tourism sector

The budget speech indicated that tourism continues to play a significant role in the service sector and remains the leading foreign exchange earner in the Gambia. The government will continue to support the Tourism sub-sector with innovations such as the increased use of e-marketing, strong promotional campaigns and diversification of tourism products. This can create business opportunities for Gambians who are active and have experience in social media and influential marketing. It will be relevant to hotels, travel tours and any company on the value chain of the tourism sector.

2. Solar Power Supply and Installation

The Gambia government also plan to install solar systems and construct health care facilities in 2019.

  • With support from the Saudi Development Fund, 25 rural communities will be provided with a solar-powered piped-water supply system in 2019. This an opportunity for companies into solar supply and installation. If you are interested, pay attention to the government request for bid announcements.
  • To further increase health care service utilisation, the Ministry of Health with the support of partners, will, in early 2019, embark on the construction of 5 new outreach sites in Western 1 and 2 Health regions.

 3. Consultancy and advisory

In 2019 and onwards, the government plan to introduce new services which will require consultancy review before implementation.

  • If you have experience in consumer loan and especially student loans, then there is a potential business and job opportunity for you. I am not sure of the year, but the government of the Gambia plan to create more educational opportunities as the Ministry of Higher Education, Research, Science and Technology is working towards establishing a Student Loan Scheme to address financing challenges.
  • The government also intends to introduce a contributory Civil Service Health Insurance Scheme. There are three opportunities here. You can be the insurance broker, the insurer or even prepare the framework of the scheme.
  • The government is preparing to introduce a performance contract model to monitor management performance, increase productivity, efficiency and provide effective work structure to motivate State Owned Enterprises (e.g. GNPC, Gamtel, NAWEC etc.) on increasing their net worth. The aim is to increase efficiency in the SOEs. This is a multi-facet opportunity: performance management, value creation and even strategic planning.

Unsolicited proposal on how to start, implement and manage these schemes may open doors for consultants.

4. Training in Agricultural Sector

In 2019, the Ministry of Agriculture through GSI – Chamen, North Bank Region, will be partnering with UNDP, FAO and other development partners to train young people employed in the Agricultural sector. This is in addition to many other pieces of training offered by the Min. of Agriculture.

5. Lower Export Cost to China

China has offered duty-free treatment to Gambian goods exported to China and visa exemptions for Diplomatic and Service Passport holders. If you are a producer of products that can be export to China, this is an opportunity to enjoy free duty in China.

6. Potential Job Opportunities

For those who are looking for job opportunities or promotion in the Government sector or considering career pivot, here comes potential new Commissions and Directorate.

  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs will establish a Diaspora Directorate in 2019 to ensure that the concerns and interests of all Gambian’s abroad are incorporated in strategic policy decision making. Potential job opportunity in government.
  • Again, another job opportunity as the government on the process for the establishment of the first-ever National Human Rights Commission. It is expected to be established and fully functional in 2019.
  • With the expected passage of a new bill, the Anti-Corruption Commission will also be functional in 2019.

It would be best if you started to connect and express your interest in these Institutions. If low salary was your primary reason for not working in government, remember that civil servants have received 50% base salary increase in 2019.

What to do Next

I have identified the opportunities and the only work needed is to act. Start to network with the right people, express interest or send proposals.

Remember that most people miss opportunities because opportunities looks like hard work.

Read the full budget here.

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