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We share tips, advices and steps relating to personal finance and small business management.

Personal Finance

Understanding how to manage one’s finance is a very important life skill for everyone. We write about earning, investing, planning and saving your hard-earned money. We hope this blog will also improve our readers’ financial literacy and responsibilities which could leads to more financial freedom; particularly our focus country The Gambia.

Financial education is one of the key life skill that is still not taught in many traditional education systems. When is the right time to learn about money and finance? After we learned from our financial mistakes. No, it should not be that hard.

We believe personal finance  is life skill that should be taught as low as primary schools. In this way many young people will appreciate the value of work, money, life planning and giving back ot the society.

Small Business

Every year, thousands of people start their own businesses, however while many succeed, many do fail as well. The common causes of startup failure is either lack of good preparation or poor management of the business resources. We share success tips and stories with young entrepreneurs, startup and small businesses managers.

Why do some countries produce more entrepreneurs than others ? We believe the issue starts with education system. Many traditional education systems focus on teaching people about how to work for others. There are very few practical entrepreneurial courses or knowledge sharing platforms in developing countries. Then, how can graduates turned their final year project work into a business ?

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