Top 5 Money-Making Small Business Startup Ideas

Finding white collar jobs can be a challenge these days. Young graduates are left with the option to start small businesses. However, knowing the best startup ideas is another problem. But with the right insights about yourself and the best trending small business startups, you will be good to go.

Shared below are some of the top small business startup ideas that are most likely to succeed if you start them today as many factors come into play.

1. Web Design and Creation

Since almost every business needs a website to attract customers and make more sales, starting a web design and creation company is a good idea. You must have the necessary technical and sales skills to start this type of business.

First of all, acquire the essential skills and create an attractive website and social media pages to work as the primary marketing tools. The initial capital needed is low because this is a service business.

2. Online Tutoring

If you have no capital to start, this opportunity is a better option because very minimal cash is needed. In fact, you can start by giving online tutoring services through free platforms before you establish a fully functional company. However, it is crucial to have a website early and a registered company to win trust from the client. It is at this point that the services offered can be diversified by hiring experts in different areas to tutor your clients.

According to research reports, the global private tutoring market was valued more than USD 96 billion in 2017.

3. Cleaning Services

As people get busy looking for money, studying, and looking after their families, they need a reliable cleaning service company to take care of their home. Starting a cleaning service company will require some capital to buy cleaning equipment, chemicals, and hire skilled personnel. They offer services like home cleaning, office cleaning, and carpet cleaning, among many others.

4. E-Commerce Business

Selling different goods online is another lucrative opportunity you have. All you need is a warehouse to store and process orders when they come through your website. The website is the main selling platform, though you can receive orders through social media pages, emails, and telephone calls. Delivery means that equipment like motorcycles, pickup trucks, and vans are essential. If there is one, you can also use the service of low-cost courier firms. The last thing is to create a secure payment system that will be trusted by all clients.

A perfect location like Singapore holds numerous opportunities for those who want to start an e-commerce business. Check with One Visa Pte on how to register your company in Singapore.

5. Property Management

As the real estate sector grows, investors require reliable companies to manage their properties. Your service may include repairs, tenant management. or even selling the property.

With a little capital on your hands, you can create a website that advertises your services and start looking for customers. The office work can be done by virtual assistants to save on costs. You may need a car to visit the properties and clients. You must ensure that the investor and clients receive good value for money. Soon, the business will grow into a property-selling company, which is very lucrative, rather than managing properties only. According to experts in real estate, you can rarely go wrong with this business.


Most big businesses you know today started as small businesses and grew with time. That is why you should stay focused and increase your chances of growing through investing back into the business and marketing the business aggressively.

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