Templates and models can help your understanding of some concepts explained in our articles. That is why we create a special page for templates and models.

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Here are few templates we have developed so far:

Small business templates

Breakeven analysis template – This calculates the breakeven point in units and revenue. It also contains the breakeven chart. Simply input the selling price unit, variable cost per unit and total fixed cost. If you don’t know what is breakeven points, it means the quantity of product sales where the total revenue equals total sales. No profit, no loss.

Startup cost estimator – Many people want to start their own business, but common question is how much does it cost to start business? Well this template provides very simple guide for you.

Cash flow Projection template – A simple projection template that can be use in any sector.

Straight line depreciation template – Very important template for accountants. It enables to you depreciate fixed assets over specific period. You simply put the cost, depreciation period, start date and it will calculate current depreciation charge and net book value.

Prepayment amortization template– You have prepaid rent or license for a software, then you need this template to spread this cost across different period. The spreading is what accountant described as amortization.

Personal finance templates

Personal net worth calculator – Do you want to know how financially rich or moderate you are? Then, use this template. It shows you the common assets and liabilities and the differences will be your net worth. Well many people ignored this but it is said that you cannot control what do not measure. If you want to grow your wealth, then start measuring it and set personal growth plan.

Personal or family budget – Do you have personal or family budget? Many families would love to have one, but they do not know how to prepare one. We have a special article on how to prepare family or personal budget. This template compliments that article.

Compounding interest calculator – This template contains two key sheets. Periodic Savings sheet calculates the future value of your periodic fixed savings say on monthly basis for a defined number of years and at specific interest rate. For example, if you save D1,000 on monthly basis for 5 years at interest of 10%. The future value will be D68,289.44. How about for 30 years?

The second sheet (One-Off Saving) enable you to calculate the future value of your one lump sum saving for a defined number of years and specific interest rate.