Lucrative Green Business Ideas For Ecopreneurist

green business and ecopreneurist ideas

Are you ready to start a business of your own but worried about the impact that it might have on the environment? If protecting Mother Nature and the environment is what you have in your mind, you still have good luck as there are increasingly large numbers of companies that are turning to eco-friendly alternatives and majority of them are going “green”. Are you in need of some organic and sustainable inspiration? The concerns of this article are definitely going to help you out.

Green business – What is it and what are the benefits of starting one?

A “green” business organization has a positive impact on the community and on the environment. It develops and practices different strategies and techniques which operate beyond regulation and display a commitment towards a sustainable and healthy future. In fact, the bigger sustainable companies estimate that the global market volume for green technology will reach $2780 billion by 2020. If you’re thinking of starting a green business, you can have 2 advantages. Firstly, environmentalism is rapidly growing and hence your target market will always be growing. Secondly, starting off with a green business can always have a satisfying feeling as you get to know that the contribution that you make is going to make the world a better place to live in.

Some profitable green business ideas that entrepreneurs can take into account

Organic Catering

This is indeed a great way for all the eco-friendly food-lovers to share their passion for the environment and of course for food. Once you start an organic catering company, you can opt for catering local businesses and events with foods that are composed or organic ingredients. Apart from lunch orders, you can even offer free-range meats with glutten-free, vegan and paleo meal options that appeal to the nature lovers. Avoid plastic totally as this is yet another way of keeping minimum impact on environment.

Eco Friendly Beauty Salon

With the increasing number of consumers who are become pretty aware of what they eat and what they apply on their bodies and hair, how about the idea of opening an eco-friendly beauty salon? Nowadays, people are looking for natural alternatives to majority of their favorite beauty products. A profitable way of capitalizing on this trend is by opening a beauty salon and using all organic products. Utilize natural shampoos and conditioners, nail color which contains eco-friendly vegan and organic spa treatments.

Green App Developer

Now that you’ve already adapted yourself into the green revolution, would you like to help others join in? If yes, build a green app. Developers can create green apps to help users learn even more about going green and the benefits of adopting a sustainable lifestyle. Your app might cover green living and have details on specific areas like recycling products, renewable energy conservation, renewable resources and other eco-friendly products.

Hence, if you’re dreaming of becoming an ecopreneurist, it is your corporate social responsibility to provide your clients and customers with the best sustainable products and services. Take into account the above mentioned business ideas.

Author Bio: Alex Brain is a business analyst and presently doing research on awareness on environmental issues and the green movement. He sometimes write for niche blogs and authority sites being a guest writer.

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