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The 360show on GRTS

Have you ever watched The 360Show on GRTS or YouTube channel? In this article, we bring to you our interview with one of the host of that business and lifestyle inspirational show. She explained what the show is all about and how they inspire young entrepreneurs. Her name is Lilian Azizi.

This is an interview you want to read.

About The 360Show and Lilian Azizi?

Lilian is a sales manager with Brussels airlines and a part-time TV presenter on the 360show. She loves to share information and help mentor others into self-employment.

The 360Show is a lifestyle and business program that airs on GRTS every Wednesday at 8:30pm. The episodes are also posted on their YouTube channel. The aim of the show is to promote and inspire young entrepreneurs in Gambia and beyond.

The platform does not only showcase the guests’ personalities and talents but also shares their challenges and success stories.

It is not only about getting contented with salaries or one job; let break barriers and train our minds in jiggling more than 1 Job. – Lilian

Team and any organization supporting the show ?

We are a team of 5 who are talented in our different ways and together we make a hell of a team. We are behind all the production videos & editing of the show. We have corporate partners such as Afriqcars Motors, Universal Properties and of course GRTS.

In other to cover our expenses, we also consider other activities such as recording and producing videos. We have the equipment to cover weddings, high profile receptions and adverts recording that one may need. Call us, if you have any video production job.

Favorite episode so far and why?

My favorite so far is Episode 1. I fell in love with that first one as it is our very first episode. I still watch it every time I need to feel good about myself. Knowing that we were able to produce a good quality show makes me believe that anything is possible. Next to that is episode 4; a self-determination interview with Adama Touray. He explained in this interview how the university of the Gambia is contributing to young people’s lives by providing the best education one needs to acquire.

Episode 4

How does the show support young people and SME owners, particularly in the Gambia?

The show feature business managers and entrepreneurs to inspire others. We need more of these inspirational stories to show the world that Gambia is a place for opportunities and many focus and determine individuals are achieving their goals.

I hope our show can motivate everyone that are on the verge of giving up; to believe that there are opportunities here and one just have to discover their strength and focus on managing it correctly.

My overall goal is to make people see that there is no need for people to daydream about Europe and America. I strongly believe that Africa is the future and if we empower the youths to work and think positive of our economy, only then would one clearly see the opportunities in Africa. Let’s all share the dream of to making it big right here.

Any expectation from your viewers?

I would like to have more and more entrepreneurs coming up on our show, sharing with our viewers the importance of self-independence. I really believe that the more empowered youth we have, the healthier the nation.

Biggest challenge so far

Our biggest challenge is for sponsors to come forward and help maintain our show on GRTS. We have already paid airtime in advance and hoping that we may have support from companies who want to help maintain it on GRTS. Bottom line is that we have no advertiser or no funding for our project. We have to bears all the production and airtime cost which will affect our ability in making a season 2 of the show.

Word of advice for Young People

My advice to all the new African youths is to ‘wake up and let’s get to work, work toward our goals, work towards social and financial self-independence’. We do not have a European structure in our governments such as getting free financial benefits for the unemployed or free homes benefits, so let’s get up and get to work, seize all the opportunities that we have around us, and together we can contribute to the development of our nation and create a better tomorrow for our children.

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  1. this program is very interesting, i watched it once but i didn’t know the name thank u for providing that for me.. please tell me the day and time of the program cos i missed it..

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