17 Inspirational Quotes from Gambia Youth Entrepreneurship Summit

inspirational quotes for entrepreneurs in Gambia
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Young Entrepreneurs Association (YEA) and Partnership in Employment (PiE) recently concluded the first ever Youth Entrepreneurship Summit and Job Fairs in the Gambia. Young CEOs and business professionals have shared their stories about failures and successes in managing their businesses in the Gambia.

You will agree with the fact that our young entrepreneurs need such inspirational events to motivate them to focus, persist and accept failure as a temporal defeat. They need to hear about the story of people they know and can easily relates with.

Studying successes without also looking at failures tends to create a misleading — if not entirely wrong — picture of what it takes to succeed. – Jerker Denrell, an associate professor of organizational behavior at Stanford Business School

As one of the facilitator and delegate at this event, I want to share with you some inspirational quotes compiled from the CEO roundtable and business Bantaba. If you need inspiration to keep yourself going through the entrepreneurial process of starting and managing a business, then enjoy these inspirational quotes.

1.You need a team or partner who can reinforce your area of weakness” – Hassan Y Jallow, CEO and Founder Assutech

2.Greatest skill you need in 21st century is the ability to teach yourself ” – Hassan Y Jallow

3. If you take a career path where your talent lies you will end with great success” Hassan Y Jallow

4.The key building block of growing any nation is the entrepreneurship” – Momodou Sabally, Motivational Speaker and Author

5. Don’t go to the bank and borrow money because entrepreneur X is running Range Rover; as you may not know where his/her margin is coming fromMomodou Sabally

6.If you are afraid to fail, you will not succeed.” Nyang Njie, Business Development Comuim

7.Do not underestimate the power of learning on the job ” – William NJIE

8.Education is just the mean to an end not an end“. Nyang Njie

9.Failing is one thing but you have to learn from FailureMomarr Mass Taal, Founder Tropingo Foods

10.Even today, I know that I have failures to come but am not afraid of themMomarr Mass Taal

11.I knew what I could offer but didn’t know what was my strength in the business“. Fatim Badjie, CEO ACE Communications

12.If you haven’t had a breaking point you haven’t had a turning point” Fatim Badjie

13.When you see an opportunity don’t be scared to venture into itMuhammed Jagana, President GCCI

14.Even if it is a notepad, you need to keep track of your business recordsMuhammed Jagana

15.As a startup you do not need a big office for people to know that you are in a serious businessAji Rohey Jeng, Training and Regional Coordinator, Startup Incubator Gambia.

16.If you give large chunk of your business to raise startup capital, you may regret it later “-NdeyFatou Ceesay, Nnooll

17.I accidentally became a CEO” – Talib Bensouda

Let me know which of these quote inspires you more or share any other quote in the comment box, if you were at the event.

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