How to Promote Your Website Online: Essential Tips

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Marketing your business online can be tough if you don’t know the right place and process. There are thousands of businesses online. You have to stand out from the crowd to get noticed. If you can follow the right process then you can get good traffic from the websites.

You may offer best product/services in your business but without effective marketing, no one will know about it. Just because you have a website for your business will not guarantee that you will get business from it. There are several ways in which you can market your website to help you get a word out for your business online. Today we live in the era of Social media and mobile apps. You have to think differently to market your website innovatively.

Here are few ways many smart entrepreneurs uses to promote website.

Local Place Listing

To gain attention from the local audience, submit your website to local directories such as Google Place Listing, Yelp Business Listing. These local directories help your website to rank naturally in local searching. With Listing you can add pictures, phone numbers, address, directions and even submit mobile ads. Google also allows your customers to find your business easily and even allow customers to call you right from their mobile.

Social Media Marketing

Social Media can be a great way to interact with your audience. You can also find a potential client for your business. Posting regularly on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter can drive you a steady traffic to your website. Different social media account offers you different audience. For example, in LinkedIn, you can target professionals and businesses and, on Facebook you can target the audience in mass. Pinterest & Instagrams are slowly emerging as a new way to promote your business online.

Search Engine Optimization

Organic traffic through search engines is the best. Google Keyword Tool can help you find best keywords for your web pages.  Focus on the keywords that have low competition and high search frequency.  Using the right SEO strategy can help you rank higher in search engines like Google and Bing. Promoting your website by SEO is one of the best ways to bring natural & relevant traffic to your website. If you are not too sure on how to do SEO you  can find much help on YouTube and Google.

Press Releases

Reaching to mainstream media is little difficult for small and medium businesses as they charge money large sum of money for a press release or sponsored content. Certain online websites such are PRLOG and Business Wire offers free publishing of press releases. You can get a word out about you business and get a link to your website. Press release is a powerful tool media tool to generate free publicity for your business.

Social Media Bookmarking

Social media bookmarking sites like StumbleUpon and Digg can drive you traffic to your website. You can publish a blog on your website and  share on these sites and drive traffic to your website. You need to make sure you are posting on the relevant topic and sites. You don’t want unrelated  and irrelevant traffic to your website, which may increase bounce rate and doesn’t help in any way.

Online Community

Online community is a great way to share knowledge and establish yourself as an expert in your niche. Find the active online community in your niche. Try to help fellow users with their queries. You can establish yourself as a leader in your niche in the community. Often community website allows you Signature, in the signature you can place the name of the company and website. You can drive traffic over time from the community website. Actively contribute and share your knowledge in the community and build rapport.

Classified Ad Posting

Classified Ads still work. A lot of people can find your business on classified. Due to high competition classified ad posting sites like Craigslist, Backpage can give you business. The thing is due to high competition you have to post it frequently on this site to get leads. You can also hire classified ad poster to post ad regularly, and you can focus on your core business.

Guest Blogging

Sharing knowledge is great way to promote website. You can find out the website which allows guest blogging in your niche and submits articles. It is a great way to build authority and attract relevant traffic to your website. Generally, these sites allow you to have author bio. In author bio, you can write about yourself and company with a link. It can also earn you a backlink to your website which helps you in SEO.

Inbound Marketing

Inbound Marketing is a way to attract the user with content on your website. You have to create a relevant content on your website to attract the website visitor. You can create a content so that visitor find your organically and be interested in your services.  Though this approach requires intense planning and patience.

Email Marketing

Taking email address from website visitor will help you increase website returning rate and keep in touch with your customers & potential customer regularly. Email is the personalized way to communicate new product updates, industry news, offers etc.  There are several services like MailChimp, Sumome you can use to collect email. You can automate the process with these services.


If you plan your online marketing strategy then driving quality traffic to your website is quite easy. You have to put your effort in the right way.

While it can take the time to build quality traffic to your website. It is important to have patience and continues the effort to market your business online and you will notice a significant increase organic ranking & traffic.

I hope you have got enough ideas on How to market your business online. Let me know any questions if you have.

I will be more than happy to help you.

Please share your online marketing strategy which you use for your business.

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