social media tips for small business in gambia

5 Basic Social Media Tips for Small Businesses

03-Dec-2016 0

Every business worth its salt, from huge multinational corporations to small, local businesses has a social media presence these days. From developing a reputation for expertise in a specific industry to promoting products, highlighting events […]

case studies and business

How Case Studies Can Increase Business Growth

03-Nov-2016 0

The explosion of digital marketing has revolutionized the art of selling whatever product or service you have to offer. In this age of technology, 75% of buyers look up a product or service on the […]


Top Marketing Tips and Ideas to Grow Small Business

08-Jun-2016 0

Great marketing can make the difference between mere survival and success. These marketing tips can help new companies or reinvigorate your already established Small business. a. Do Your Research Whether you already have a small […]

brand building for small business

How to Build a Brand for Your Small Business

31-Dec-2015 2

Businesses cannot do without leaving a personal stamp on their products. Not just in terms of labels which are a legal obligation, but in terms of building a whole story around the company. This process […]

promotional products

Smart Promotional Campaign for Small Business

23-Sep-2015 0

Keeping a small business recognizable and successful cannot be done without some unique promotion. Today, a range of business promotional strategies are available; from traditional, print materials, to word of mouth and dozens of digital marketing […]

marketing tricks

Marketing Tricks for Growing Business

21-Jul-2015 0

Being the head of a small company isn’t that simple at all. There are numerous things you need to bear in mind, from hiring a team of experienced professionals, making friendly and pleasant working atmosphere, […]


Components of Market Research for Small Business

15-Jul-2015 0

Market research involves gathering of information about the potential buyers, sellers and competitors. It is one of the critical steps before anyone should start a new business. Successful entrepreneurs does not decide the possible profitability of […]

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