7 Ways to Promote Online Stores without Social Media

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We wrote a lot about promoting online stores in social networks. This is a great way to express yourself. And now you have a page on Facebook or an account in Instagram and on YouTube, where you can also sell and promote products and services because apart of community’s life there are many visitors that could be your customers. In the article, we will tell you how to promote online stores without using social networks.

1. Attract media attention to yourself

Think of the brand’s history like what makes it unique and how much better than your competitors? Then look for a place where you can tell her. It’s not necessary to try hard to get into the federal issue of TV news at rush hour. Pay attention to local blogs, websites, newspapers, magazines, TV channels and radio stations. Think about why it might be interesting for them to tell your readers, viewers, listeners, about your business, and play on this, telling the story of the success of the brand. Remember that it is necessary to speak briefly and in essence, but at the same time to intrigue the media representatives, so they want to talk more about your business.

2. Share your experiences

You have opened an online store, found suppliers, established pricing, tested delivery methods, launched advertising. This is a unique experience that you can use to promote your business:

  • Speak at a professional conference
  • conduct a master class for students of local universities or start-ups
  • participate in the business webinar as an invited expert (you can even get into posting own videos if your experience is interesting to people).
  • The knowledge that you want to share should be useful to the audience. If you cannot understand for whom you want to speak and what to tell, hold this idea.
  • Participates in entrepreneurship interviews

3. Become an event sponsor

The simplest way to make a brand recognizable in society is to be a part of society. Become a sponsor of a local event, so that the name of your company is indicated on flyers, tickets or an advertising stand. You can become a regular sponsor, for example, a youth sports team. Or organize an interesting event yourself. Participate in charity events. Philanthropy is the future of marketing, and brands are actively using it. Send part of the earnings to charity because a good deed of help by you in progress is the only help sincerely to others.

4. Find partners among entrepreneurs

Tie up a mutually beneficial partnership. Suppose like if you sell flowers, make friends with decorators, wedding and holiday agencies: they will tell customers about you, and you will post their ads on the site or add information to your mailing list.

5. Place outdoor advertising

The main thing here is to choose the right place for accommodation. If you earn the delivery of meals to offices, the best option is to place a banner near the business centre. Then it will always be seen by people, whose solution you are dealing with. In addition, advertising should be visible and understandable. A potential client should quickly figure out what they are offering and where to call or write if the proposal is interesting.

6. Print Ads

Place ads in local newspapers or magazines. This method is good because the Internet is not all. To track the effectiveness of advertising, offer a discount to those customers who call on the ad and call the code word. In different newspapers and magazines, let there be different words. Thanks to this trick, you will understand which sources lead to you more customers.

7. Brand your car

Turn your car into advertising on wheels, and it will work for you every day regardless of whether you put the key in the ignition. Observe the usual advertising rules as per a potential customer must immediately understand what you are selling and where to call if he needs it. Do not spare the money to make advertising on the car was done beautifully and qualitatively. Still, now it’s two in one: the car on which you drive every day, and the face of your brand. The car should please you and viewers.

8. Use email marketing

Email marketing is useful to any business. Effective email marketing is a gamble to win in it, you have to constantly attract customers with something new. If you send interesting and useful letters that you want to share with your friends, subscribers will become evangelists of your brand and products.

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