9 Small Business Opportunities in Gambia – Part 2

lucrative small business opportunities in Gambia

Following our publication on small business opportunities in Gambia, we have decided to extend the list with more new business ideas. In this new article, we have compiled 9 new lucrative small business opportunities in Gambia.

Note – Whiles it is not easy to be an entrepreneur, starting your own small business could be the key to achieving your dreams. You are advised to read these ideas with an open mind. One of the ideas could be your next business empire.

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10 Small Business Opportunities in Gambia

Business ventures should not be taken as a money-making opportunity only. You have to help and support others.

Zig Ziglar once said, “You will get all you want in life if you help enough other people get what they want.”

1. Social Media Consultant

With the growth of major social media sites like Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest, businesses in the Gambia will need the service specialists to help them grow their social presence. For example, you could open and manage a Facebook page for a reasonable fees. Your aim would be to ensure growth in relevant followers who could be converted to a customer of your client. According to Internet World Stats, there are over 180,000 Facebook users in the Gambia as at Dec 2015.

2. Personal Chef

Personal chef can be an essential support to many expatriates and busy families in the country. This business idea can also be triggered by the need for specific dietary recommendation. You will need to know how to cook and get some experience. Spend some time collecting data, building menus and market them to the set potential clients. You have to be organized and creative. For example low calories and high fiber content foods are more healthier than fried or high sugar content food. This is another business idea with an opportunity to educate our society to be more health conscious.

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3. Cleaning services businesses

The cleaning business in Gambia has two major market groups: the consumer and commercial sector. The consumer market consists residential services for busy families and expatriates and it includes carpet, window or floor cleaning services. The commercial sector also provides a wider range of services for businesses rather than individual consumers.

Many businesses and institutions need people who can provide cleaning services at a low cost after business hours. For example bank and companies with multiple location may require your services. Cleaning service is one the small business opportunities for those who can put few hours after work or on weekends.

You could even train some staff and start placing ( outsource) them to restaurants and hotels who constantly need cleaning services. Perhaps you could also consider house cleaning.

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4. Dry-Cleaning with Pickup and Delivery

I know that there are number of drying cleaning businesses in the Gambia, but have you tried any of them before? If yes, then chances are you personally delivered and picked your clothes.

These sector have two businesses ideas you can tried in the Gambia. One is to setup your own dry cleaning business but second and new idea is the delivery and pickup service. You can provide pickup and drop-off for busy professionals. This could be their offices during working hours or home during the weekend. You need to make arrangements with one major dry cleaner or setup your own firm.

5. Debt-Collection Service

Starting from commercial sales to banking loans, credit contribute large chunk of business deals around world. Well not everyone pays their debt and business who gave that credit will definitely loss if they fail to collect that money.

So what is the deal? You simply get paid whenever someone paid your client. Still sound complicated? It doesn’t have to be: Help businesses to collect their bad debts and you receive commission on any amount recovered by you. It can range from 10% to 50% of the amount recovered.

6. Nanny Placement Service

For busy parents, finding a good and reliable nanny isn’t easy at all. Do you even imagine for the foreigners who cannot speak the local languages in the Gambia. You can be the Nanny placement agent who will search and screen applicants, perform background check, match personalities, and place them in your client house.

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7. Daycare centre

A daycare center, also known as child care center is a place where busy parents (due to the nature of their job) take their kids to; where they are taken care by an adult for a fee. Some daycare centers in the Gambia also provides the basic tutoring and educational activities to kids.

Starting a daycare center can be a profitable business, however, must ensure that people you are hiring have high values for children as you do.

8. Grant Writer

Grant writing is a key fundraising strategy for most NGOs and startups. Every year the number of grants made by international NGO, major foundations, embassies and government agencies increases. However, most applicant of grants do not understand the grant writing process. If you have the necessary skills and experience, you can begin a grant writing consulting business in the Gambia. 

The ability to write and research are key to success with this business. To get started, you may consider to offer free services for the first few clients.

9. Family doctor or General Practitioner

Many times people keep on rushing to hospitals and clinics, when in some cases all we required is a general practitioner who knew about our medical history. Family doctor could be a side business opportunity in the Gambia for a determined trained professional. This is to say that we need more primary and preventive health care services. In fact, some reports believed that a primary care system could reduce the health care cost by 30%.

In 2014, African Development Bank approved $8.2 million to the Gambia’s Horizons Clinic Project. It was estimated that more than 70,000 people including expatriates have access to medical insurance or can afford to pay for health care services. This is a researched market potential of a growing nation.

These are small business opportunities in Gambia and I think your job start now. You may read this article, if you are not sure about how to start a  business

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  1. Hi Ebrima, I want to know your opinion about starting a health care center to serve for people with low fees. The aim is to serve and not a profit. Do you prefer to be insi
    de or outside the capital city?

    • I would recommend it to be in the city but with scheduled frequent travel to the low-income earners. This will ensure you can attract and retain skills and ensure good operations. It can operationally difficult to maintain clinics in certain parts due to a lack of infrastructure.

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