TIN Number Registration in Gambia – 4 Simple Procedures

TIN number registration in Gambia

Tax Identification Number, commonly called TIN number is a unique number tax authorities assigned to individuals, businesses and organizations to ease tax transactions. The main purpose is to identify and cross check taxpayers’ information.

All businesses must obtain a tax identification number (TIN) before registering with the Companies Registry in the Gambia. Therefore, it is important for business owners to understand the TIN number registration procedures in the Gambia. TIN application process generally requires only four main steps but this article elaborates on the other areas that may be of importance to a new applicant. To obtain the tax identification number, the applicant must submit a completed form, with the relevant document to the nearest GRA office. Within GRA, the Domestic Taxes Department (DTD) is responsible for TIN number registration.

Who should register for TIN certificate?

Every adult needs to register for TIN, whether a Gambian or non-Gambian citizen. For clarification purposes, the TIN number registration is not for businesses alone, but individuals and even non-profit organizations are required to obtain TIN certificate. You will require TIN certificate or number when performing certain transactions in the Gambia; for example, you cannot open a bank account in the Gambia without a TIN certificate.

TIN number registration – the 4 simple procedures:

Obtaining TIN number is one of the easiest process in the Gambia. It requires only 4 key steps, namely :

  1. Collect the TIN Application Form. This is available at GRA head office in Banjul and all GRA Tax Administrative and Regional Offices in the provinces. You can also download the form on GRA website.
  2. Properly complete and sign the application form.
  3. Attached a copy of the relevant supporting documents ( see below for more details)
  4. Submit the completed form and the supporting documents to the nearest GRA office.

If the form is properly completed and with the right documents, one can even obtain the TIN certificate within a day.

What documents are needed for TIN number registration?

  • Individuals – Individuals can submit a copy of the National ID Cards, international Passport or Alien Registration Card.
  • Companies – Companies should provide Memorandum and Article of Associations and copies of Director’s Identification such as Passports, National ID, or Alien Registration Card.
  • Partnership – Similar to companies, you will need Partnership Deed, copies of Partners ID Cards, passports or Alien Cards.
  • Non-profit organization, clubs, foundations and associations – Bye law, charter or any other document that governs the activities of the organization.

Companies and organizations are also expected to complete a supplementary form which is attached on the TIN Form. This part need information about associate firms, major owners, list of directors and principal officers. You will also provide the TIN number of any person or organisation mentioned on this supplementary form.

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How about TIN number Registration Fees?

The registration fees for TIN in the Gambia is D25; which is less than one US dollar.

What is the use of the taxpayer identification number ? 

TIN Certificate or the TIN number is one of the key requirement in many transactions in the Gambia. TIN certificate is needed for many personal and business transactions such as:

  1. New business registration – You cannot register a new company without TIN certificate
  2. Opening of Bank Account – All Banks and Financial Institutions in the Gambia now requests for TIN certificate as part of their KYC.
  3. Application for Tax Clearance Certificate
  4. Registration of Motor Vehicles or Transfer of ownership of Motor Vehicles
  5. Registration of Land, properties or transfer of Leases and Freehold Land.
  6. Registration of title deeds and stamping of Instruments/ documents
  7. Granting of Investment Incentives and Tax Exemptions.

Importance of the TIN

TIN number registration does not only assist taxpayers in facilitating their business tax transactions, but also for GRA to identify, categorize and segment taxpayer’s into different groups. This unique number helps the Gambia Revenue Authority to easily automates tax processing. TIN also helps in filling and retrieving of information about the taxpayers. It is geared towards ensuring that our government have correct data systems in place, hence rendering prompt and efficient taxpayer services.

It is important to note that Section 221 of the Gambia Income and Valued Added Tax Act 2012 empowered the Commission General to issue Taxpayer Identification Number to any person liable to for tax under the Act even without application. Under the same Act, the Commissioner General can also cancel or revoke TIN if the person failed to submit his/her true identity documents or has already been issued with one that is still in force. Therefore, it is important for all individuals and organizations to register TIN with genuine documents.

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