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    • It will depend on the age. A minor, it may not be easy to open for a friend. You will need their parent’s consent. If it is an adult, it will be better for the person to approach the bank directly and open the account. Except if you want to make it a joint account under joint control.

      • Indeed, a shared account with me paying sums and he withdrawing is the desirable approach here.

        • You will have open the account together since joint account has legal implications. The bank will need information on both of you.

  1. What are the requirements for a foreigner to open a bank account in Gambia

    What is the limit of savings account?

    • Yes. I can do that. Talk to your bank in the Gambia ask them to provide their Corresponding bank details in Europe for Euro. The give the correspondent bank and Gambia bank details to your European bank.

  2. Planning to relocate to Gambia in 2021, how can I open a saving account for my US retirement funds can reach Gambia prior to me getting to the Gambia

    • Yes. If you opened a savings account, there is no charges for withdrawals and deposits. The benefit is applicable to both Gambians and non-Gambians. However, if you use other services like transfer outside the bank , there are charges.

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