Why Every Small Business Needs to Embrace Technology

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Technology is an incredible thing, and it brings with it bounties of opportunity; however, there are many businesses—both large and small—that are hesitant to embrace it. Maybe they believe that integrating technology into their workforce is too expensive and they don’t have the budget. Perhaps they believe there is too much of a learning curve and they don’t want to deal with the training. Alternatively, maybe they think they are doing just fine without it, and if it’s not broken, they shouldn’t fix it.

However, these reasons are all invalid excuses. The fact of the matter is that if a company wants to stay competitive in today’s day and age, they need to incorporate technology immediately. It is only with technology that a company can remain competitive in today’s business landscape. Here are five reasons why every small business needs technology to remain a player in the game.

Why Every Small business Needs Technology

1. It Assists with Proficient Customer Service

Having a phone number and email address is no longer enough when it comes to customer service. Customers expect to be able to go online and find a well-made, easy-to-navigate, mobile-friendly website that is full of FAQs, store hours, and detailed information about the product or service being offered. However, even a modern website isn’t enough.

When customers can’t find the answers they need, they want to be able to go to their social media platform of choice and find the company to send them a message—and they better get a quick response. Additionally, they want to interact with that company on a regular basis, so they can get to know them and trust them before they hand over their hard-earned money.

If a company cannot provide a modern website and active social media accounts, then they will quickly become obsolete. Their potential customers will turn to the businesses that can provide them with the instant gratification and current communication methods they seek.

2. It Saves Time and Money

While there is certainly a learning curve in technology, once that is straightened out, technology will greatly improve the efficiency of a company. There is a technology for almost every business process out there, and if integrated, the employees can focus on the tasks that require the human touch.

For example, there are inventory trackers that warehouses and stores can use instead of having to manually count every item. There are software programs that allow companies to host company-wide meetings over the internet without having the expense of flying everyone out to corporate. There are advanced digital communication systems that let managers relay important messages at the perfect time to the right audience with the click of a few buttons. Moreover, there is document management software that allows incoming documents to be electronically filed while making collaboration simple. The list goes on and on; the point is that with these technologies, both time and money—a company’s most valuable assets—are saved.

3. It Ensures Effective Communication with Employees

The days of sending office memos are long gone. Not only do they waste a tremendous amount of resources (including paper, ink, copy toner, the labour to distribute them, etc.), they usually end up in the trash. With technology, it is now effortless for managers to communicate with their employees, whether the company has one location or hundreds.

With options like electronic bulletin boards available, corporations can control the messaging within each location right from their office. They can instantly notify the employees of any important company news or urgent regulation updates to make sure the company stays compliant. They can also use the digital communication method to track company goals and boost morale by announcing contests and recognizing the employees who deserve it. And since it is all digital, there are no wasted resources.

4. It Protects Customer’s Personal Data

With a new data hack hitting the news seemingly every day, customers are more cautious than ever about whom they give their personal information to— and with good reason. The problem is, if a company doesn’t invest in the latest security technology, they won’t be able to provide the type of security consumers need for peace of mind. Whether that means a super-secure website with multiple layers of protection or an advanced security system on a brick-and-mortar location, customers need to know, without question, that they will be protected. The security level provided by technology doesn’t just protect the consumers; it protects the company too. Data breaches can put a small company out of business, so security is nothing to take chances on.

5. It Allows You to Flourish

Technology is also an important resource when it comes to company growth. From performing in-depth research on their target market to uncovering areas for opportunity, technology provides companies with the data they need to succeed. It lets them analyze their current processes and see what works and what doesn’t. It allows them to conduct A/B testing with their marketing efforts to uncover what option offers the best ROI, and it gives them the opportunity to collaborate with other companies from across the world.

The bottom line is that without the integration of technology, a company doesn’t stand a chance to succeed in the future. The aforementioned uses for technology are only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to what modern advances can do for a company because they only talk about options that can help virtually every business. When broken down by industry, the available technologies expand even more, meeting the unique challenges that each industry faces.

The ROI of integrating technology is unquestionable. It streamlines processes, minimizes downtime, cuts back on supplies, and gives customers peace of mind. If a company doesn’t take swift action to bring today’s advances into their own organization, they will soon realize the drastic effects it can have. Now is the time when customers are choosing companies that have joined the modern world, and they will leave the rest behind. Technology isn’t too expensive to integrate: It’s too expensive not to.


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