7 Cheap Office Cleaning Methods

As a small business owner- paying for cleaning services may not be your top priority. Like so many of us-it may never be either, so here’s some cheaper alternatives that will work just as well and could leave a great impression on your clients.

P.S. don’t think you need to do these once a week, the cleaning sponge is in your court.

DIY cleaning list

1. Dark-wood furniture

Pop a spoonful of coffee granules in a small bowl and pour in a smidgen of boiling water. The mixture should now look like a very strong espresso (like the one you have in the morning to make sure you survive the day). Let it cool then dip a cloth in the mixture and start going at those scratches on any dark wood you have in your office. When the scratches have disappeared, buff with a dry cloth.

2. All wood furniturecleaning

Just in case you don’t live in an office packed with dark-wood furniture, here’s how to clean any type of wood furniture in your office. Mix the juice from half a lemon with quarter of a cup of olive oil. Now dip a duster into the mixture and buff over the wood. The lemon cuts through the dirt and the oil gives an impressive shine.

3. Erase finger marks

Do you ever look round your office and within 60 seconds you have gone from finding one finger mark to 8?  It seems like an impossible task, but not if you are able to get rid of them using one of the most prominent stationary items in your office. A pencil eraser is great for getting rid of fingerprints and marks on light switches. A rubber on the end of a pencil is also a convenient tool for cleaning a remote control handset.cleaning

4. Dusty radiators

Dusty radiators can give off a bad impression to clients and it can stop them from working efficiently, so giving them a clean will keep money in your pocket. We all hate the middle part which collects dust with no admiration for the fact- no human can ever reach it with their hand! To solve this you could fish out one of the many coat hangers you own and wrap a cloth around the hook of the hanger. Final step is bending the body of the hanger to the shape and length you require.

5. Dirty carpet

This is so easy. Grab some bicarbonate of soda and Sprinkle it all over your carpet, leave for about 15 minutes, then vacuum away. Dust, dirt and any other unwanted objects living on your carpet will be gone

6. Wash your windows

Scrunch-up some newspaper and drop some vinegar on it, then watch your windows love your reflection.

7. Keyboard catastrophe

Using really expensive lotions, potions or that giant green bogey thing (you know what I mean) are all great but as already mentioned they are pretty pricey. Instead, you could use some canned air to blast away all the dust and debris. To get the grime off, a wet wipe wrapped round a cotton bud will do the job.


Cost of Professional Cleaning

You may be thinking that this all just seems too much effort. If it is then take look at the prices below for a professional office cleaner:

Gambia – D1, 500 per month you still have to provide them with cleaning materials.

UK– £10 an hour for a monthly clean would require around four hours to complete the cleaning jobs listed above. That’s £40 a month without the cost of cleaning equipment.

USA– $30 an hour. That’s $120 a month and you still have to provide them with cleaning equipment!

DIY cleaning costs

If you want to save up to £/$1,500 a year on cleaning costs then you could purchase a few items just once a month.

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