4 Technologies Every Business Needs in 21st Century

Technology is vital for small businesses to grow, and for a more prominent company to maintain its stature, and due to the emphasis on the digital world, a business without the appropriate technology would be severely disadvantaged. Here is a detailed look at four of the most essential pieces of technology that every business, regardless of size, needs to be successful.


1. Network Security

Whether it’s for a small business or a more prominent, accomplished brand, companies need to keep their personal network – and as an extension to that – their data safe online. There are countless threats and dangers such as malware, viruses and trojans present in the digital world that can affect your business’s computer network and cause havoc to your operations.

WatchGuard is one of the leading digital security companies for business and offers a wide array of services to keep your critical data and information safe. Ranging from firewalls to multi-factor authentication, to VPNs and more, there are plenty of WatchGuard products available to suit any security need, all with continuous, ongoing support.

One that comes highly recommended is the new T55 series. This device has all the up-to-date features and security measures to protect your business, such as spamBlocker, App Control, Gateway Antivirus and more with the complete security suite.


2. Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is a beneficial bit of technology which can benefit your business in a multitude of different ways. In essence, cloud computing is the use of an off-site server to store your data and software, which is useful for two main reasons.

The first is that it eliminates the costs of operating, servicing, and running your own inhouse server, allowing you to invest those funds into another aspect of the business. It’s also a great tool to make your business and employees more mobile, as cloud computing allows any PC anywhere to become a work PC giving you the option to have staff work from home – which would reduce the office space needed. Cloud-based computing also gives you unlimited storage capacities and is an excellent avenue to back-up your data, which makes it more secure.

Cloud computing is ideal for small companies looking to expand, as they level the playing field and give these businesses access to the same technology that bigger companies would have.


3. Specialist Software

Every business will have a multitude of administrative tasks that need to be completed to ensure the smooth running of the organization. Stuff like paying staff, scheduling appointments and inventory management are critical for the smooth running of a company, so for that reason, it might be a good idea to invest in specialized software that excels in these departments.

Software such as QuickBooks can help businesses be more productive, as this particular product will automate the management of a company’s finances, allowing them to track their cash flow more effectively and organize their taxes so that less time and resources are wasted on doing it manually.


4. Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence may sound scarier and more robotic than it truly is, but it is a great way to seriously benefit your business. AI now allows computers to not just present data but analyze that data too, allowing it to reach appropriate conclusions without the need for human interference.

An example of AI working now in the digital world is the implantation of targeted ads. For this to work, AI reads and learns about a potential customer’s shopping preferences by using cookies and pixels. The information gained from this is what allows them to send targeted, automated adverts that are tailored to each potential customer, making it more likely to achieve a conversion.

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