Role of A Transformer In A Production Unit

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A transformer plays a very significant role in a power system. Power grid transformers are considered to be the true support at times of a hurricane and they are highly dependable across the world. However, transformers are generally overlooked by the public and not many are aware of the important role they play in our lives.

What are transformers?

Transformers are used to change the varying current voltage which passes from one electric circuit to another by a process called induction. This happens through a strong process of electromagnetic induction and the devices have two or more than two windings which are tied around an iron core. They can increase the voltage of the electrical tools or they decrease the incoming voltage. The total number of windings will depend on the voltage that a transformer needs to provide. There are basically two types of coils in a transformer, one is a primary coil and the other is a secondary coil which is related to magnetic fields which act as a conductor. There are also step up transformers which are often used to raise the voltage while step-down transformers reduce the level of voltage.

A transformer does not have any detachable parts and it does not need intensive attention like many other types of equipment used in the industry. Nevertheless, it is important that transformers undergo maintenance because it is important to their lives and for the optimal functioning of the equipment. Unfortunately, the maintenance, as well as proper care of the transformer, remains neglected due to the reliability of the transformer. The unit continues to perform without any interruption and because of this reason, many do not understand the importance of maintenance of the transformer. It then leads to a reduction in the lifespan of the transformer which leads to downtime and failure. Bill Johnson from Utility Service ( recommends regularly checking on the insulation on the control wiring of transformers. Hence, accurate interpretation, as well as analysis of all the data which is obtained from monitoring the transformers, is very important. This data gathered should be checked in order to promote an improved functionality and reliability of the unit. There are maintenance programs which need to be scheduled as they provide information on current issues which could result in the repair or replacement of the transformer. There are daily maintenance checks, weekly checks and half-yearly checks which need to be carried out in order to enjoy the consistent and efficient performance of the asset.

Why do we need a transformer?

Electricity is an important part of our lives and it is difficult to imagine a life in the absence of electricity. Most industries need consistent supply of electricity and they need a transformer for managing the instabilities of voltage and a malfunction of machines which could happen due to the voltage problems. With a transformer, there is a solution to all types of problems. It has the ability to fix any problem. If there is an industry which does not use specialized machine, then there is nothing to worry with regard to transformers as high voltage transformers are used for specialized applications. Industries which have heavy current requirements and workers who are working in the environment could be subjected to dangerous shocks. However, this has been easily managed by the custom current transfer as it tests the electric current and in case the circuit is very high, the transformer will reduce the current. Hence modern industries need not worry about the problems which exist because of electricity failures and the production in an industry can develop well if they have placed proper transformers which fits the industries. It is essential to take preventive maintenance steps so as to prevent any type of damages to the transformer.

Things to keep in mind when purchasing a transformer

You need to look for a manufacturer as well as a supplier who is reliable in the industry. Verify for the protection with regard to the transformer you intend to purchase and inquire with the supplier for a guarantee. You also need to ask if the manufacturer has customized transformers so as to suit your needs. This will help you get the best transformer for your purpose.

Buying a transformer is only the first step. Its maintenance is very important and you not only need to spend some time on the maintenance but also ensure that it is repaired and thoroughly checked by a professional in case of a glitch.

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