EU and ITC launch The Gambia Youth Empowerment Project

Gambia Youth Empowerment Project
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EU and ITC launch The Gambia Youth Empowerment Project to boost job creation and support long-term economic sustainability for the Gambia. 

On Thursday 9 February, the European Union, the International Trade Centre (ITC) and the Government of the Gambia have launched a new initiative to support job creation and entrepreneurship for Gambian youth. The Gambia Youth Empowerment Project is a four-year project that will benefit from €11 million from the EU Emergency Trust Fund for Africa and will strengthen the long-term competitiveness and viability of the country’s economy.

The four-year project will focus on achieving the following:

  • Strengthen existing youth development programmes and systems, and ensure that these are more adaptable to shifting market needs;
  • Encourage the return of skilled Gambian migrants by supporting the creation of jobs across the country and supporting the re-integration of these into the economy and society;
  • Provide support to trade promotion organisation and other institutions in the development of accessible and flexible learning models and tools;
  • Provide skills-building training and support programmes to young entrepreneurs to improve their competitiveness and performance;
  • Promote a shift from low-productivity subsistence work, especially farming, and into more productive activities in modern manufacturing and services;
  • Raise awareness about skills training and development for 100 000 youth;
  • Ensure that 7 000 youths complete technical or vocational training programme or an apprenticeship;
  • Provide entrepreneurship services – such as business advisory support and access to finance – for at least 8 000 youth, and;
  • Support and help improve the training programmes for 10 partner institutions.

You can download more information about the Gambia Youth Empowerment Project

Source: European Commission


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