9 Benefits of Gambia Chamber of Commerce (GCCI) Membership

gambia chamber of commerce gcci

The principal functions of GCCI are provision of essential business services to the private sector in general and its members in particular, and to advice and influence government in creating a favorable business environment. It also serves as a one stop spot for foreign investors.

GCCI was established as a non-political, non-profit making, self-governed, voluntary and private sector organization representing Trade and Commerce, Agriculture, Industry, Transport, Telecommunication services, Banking and Finance

What is the Vision of GCCI ?

To re-position as a center of service excellence by developing a highly committed organization oriented to serving the needs of its membership. To build effective partnerships that will positively impact on the development of the private sector for sustainable development, thereby being relevant, responsive and representative of the business community

GCCI provides variety of services to the business community in the Gambia and here are 9 key benefits of GCCI membership.

1. Advocacy for the Private Sector

GCCI is recognized by the government of Gambia and international bodies as an organization that represents the interest of the Private Sector. They participates in the development process through inclusion in trade missions & national committees where policy directions are decided. Other advocacy tools used are the economic summit, pre-budget consultations and other meetings with government.

2. Training and Seminar Opportunities

GCCI conducts training for small business in the Gambia and often requested to put forward nominations for overseas training or seminars. This capacity building effort have helped many businesses in the country.

3. Labour Relations and HRM Assistance

Difficulties are meant to rouse, not discourage. The human spirit is to grow strong by conflict.” William Ellery Channing

GCCI helps it members’ with labour relations problem through representation at tripartite negotiations with trade unions. They can also help on preparation of human resources policies, shares current information on labour issues, produce booklet on laws affecting business operations in the Gambia.

4. Promoting Gambia Businesses – GCCI trade fairs

GCCI assists the marketing efforts of Gambian Businesses through trade fairs, publication of business bulletins, and general networking of local and outside businesses. It usually organizes two trade fairs within a year and both are open to national and international participants. Trade fairs are the one of the cheapest method of business promotion.

5. Sector Groups Interaction:

It offers the opportunity for members to communicate and interact with fellow members in similar areas of interest within sectors. These discussions often leads to solutions to common business problem.

6. Special Informative Seminars

GCCI collaborates with others institutions to organized Informative seminars which help to discuss special economic issues of interest to the private sector in general and members in particular.

7. Business Forum

Assistance to members through co-hosting trade missions within the Sub-Region and aboard.

8. Oversea Connections

GCCI receives frequent business enquiries from international businesses about possible joint ventures, distributorship, agency and other forms of commercial partnership with Gambian businesses. This could be an opportunity that relates to your business.

9. Registration in ECOBIZ

In its capacity as the National Correspondent of ECOBIZ, GCCI facilitates the registration of Gambian businesses in (ECOBIZ). It also shares information about business opportunities in the Sub-Region.
ECOBIZ is the ECOWAS Business Directory and it help in the exchange of information on opportunities & Management of contacts during trade fairs, exhibitions and buyers-seller meetings.

Whether you are operating a small or medium size business in the Gambia, Gambia Chamber of Commerce membership could create a number of opportunities to grow your business. Feel free to read more about GCCI on their official website.

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