Young people and financial problem
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Why most Young People are Financially Broke ?

25-May-2017 0

I am broke! I am stranded! these are common phrases among most young people particular during the third week after the pay day. Some of these people will sometimes take bank overdraft or small credit […]

time value of money
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How Time Value of Money affects Wealth

14-Oct-2016 2

The time value of money commonly called time value is the concept that money available today (present time) is more valuable than the same amount in the future. It is a core principle of finance which state that […]

college students
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10 Money Saving Tips for College Students

15-Sep-2016 0

If you are a college student, or at least on the verge of going to college, you would know that it isn’t easy for you to study, earn, and manage expenses at the same time. […]

compound interest formula

Power of Compound Interest on Savings

01-Jul-2016 17

Whether you liked Mathematics or not, you may have learned compound interest and simple interest calculations in secondary school. However, chances are your teacher never told you the practical importance of compound interest formula in […]

emergency fund buidling
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How to build an Emergency Fund Account

27-Apr-2016 4

What is an emergency Fund ? An emergency fund is an easily accessible account that is used to set aside funds to be used in case of emergency, such as the loss of a job, […]

savings products in banks in the gambia
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General Savings Products and their Features

27-Jan-2016 0

We all save money for different reasons, however choosing the right savings products can be very helpful in managing your funds. Savings products are secure and liquid accounts offered by financial institutions in assisting the management […]

Save money in the Gambia
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10 Reasons You Should Start to Save Money

28-Oct-2015 18

We have heard various reasons why many people cannot save money, but honestly, most of these excuses are actually not valid. Our needs and wants are unlimited and there will always be a reason why […]

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