How to make the most out your Workspace

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If your business continues to be successful, you might find that you’re producing more orders, storing more stock, and maybe even employing more members of staff. The only problem is, how do you accommodate all of this growth whilst your premises stays the same? Here are some of the ways to make sure you’re making the most out of your workspace.

1. Compact your waste

Many of the items you have in your workspace will be essential to your business. This could be anything from the raw materials you need to manufacture your products, the equipment you need to turn those materials into your products, or even the finished stock itself. Without any of this in the building, then you simply wouldn’t be able to either make or sell your products and therefore you wouldn’t be able to make a profit. One feature that isn’t essential to the running of the business is the waste packaging that all of these items come in. No matter what you get delivered to your place of work, it’s highly likely to be wrapped in either cardboard, plastic, or another material to protect it from damage whilst it is shipped to your building. Whilst this packaging is important in making sure none of your items arrives damaged, as soon as you unwrap your products it’s simply irritating waste that can take up a lot of room. To make sure these packing materials don’t take up too much room in your workplace, invest in a product to help reduce the size of this material, such as the balers available at, so it is easier to store. These tools squish all of the cardboard down into a small bale and reduce the need for large bins to store this waste in until it is collected to be recycled.

2. Encourage hot-desking

If you work in an office environment, you might think that every employee needs a desk to be able to complete their assigned work every day. Whilst they’ll probably need access to a computer, it’s highly likely they’ll need their own desk that nobody else can use. There are many reasons why it’s unlikely that all of your team will be in the same room together. This could be anything from certain people doing most of their work out of the office meeting clients, different shift patterns, or even people taking leave at different times. If you find you often have spare computers in the office, why not see if you can remove some of these desks and encourage everybody to hot desk. That way, this extra space can be in a more productive way, or you can spread the desks out further, so your workplace doesn’t seem so cramped.

3. Stay organized

Another way of increasing the amount of space in your workplace is to simply reduce the amount of clutter. See whether you’re storing anything that you don’t need anymore. This may be records that you are no longer legally required to store, stocks that you are no longer able to sell, or even equipment that you never use. Make sure you regularly go through all of the items in your location and dispose of anything you no longer need.

In summary, good workspace management can save your business lots of money, enable you to focus on and improve the productivity of employees. You should therefore use the right tools as well as processes.

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