How to Track Gmail Outgoing Emails for Free

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Before the development of email tracking software, we had no idea what happened when we sent our emails. Was the email delivered? Did the recipient receive the email? Did they click the links inside the message? There was no answer to these questions, and it affected the sender’s ability to assess the status of their email.

Well, the problem of email tracking has already become the issue of the past as many email tracking applications are now available as extensions in browsers.

However, there are still two more issues for users who want to track their outgoing emails. Firstly, which email tracking system is effective and, secondly, which one has a reasonable price or even free with all the key facilities.

Email Tracker benefits

Email tracking notifies the sender when the recipient opens the email or clicks links inside the email. You send the email, and the tracker provides the insight on the actions the recipient performs, either open or clicks. You can send a follow-up if the recipient has opened the mail and clicked on the link. With tracking tools, you do not have to send unnecessary follow-ups when the recipient hasn’t even opened the previous messages. Unlimited Email Tracker

Email tracking gives us the ability to monitor email communication process and build relationships with recipients in the competitive environment.

The email tracking extension I’ve discovered on Chrome Web Store when I was looking for a tracking tool for my Gmail account is the best solution. The extension is highly evaluated by nearly 400 users with a rate of 4.9.  It is easy to install, activate, and use. It also has no logo or trademark in your messages and it is totally free too. And all these features are about Unlimited Email Tracker.

How to track an Email

There are various tracking applications for Outlook, Office365, and Gmail. However, this article focuses on one of the best email trackers for Gmail, Unlimited Email Tracker.

1. Install the tracker

First, visit the Chrome Web Store and install the Email Tracker extension. You may either search for “Unlimited Email Tracker” in the store or use the direct link to the email tracking extension. When you find the tracker, install it by clicking the Add to Chrome button.

In case you face any challenges during activation or usage, you can read the knowledge base for the extension here.

2. Activate the extension

As soon the extension is installed, and your Gmail account is open, the extension auto-refreshes the Gmail for you to activate it. The screen below appears.

Click the Activate button. Wait for a moment as the Gmail inbox reloads the setting.

3. Maintain Setting Preferences

As soon as the Gmail inbox is reloaded, you can change the default settings by clicking the Email Tracker icon on the top and customize the settings.

Here are the key options:

  • Choose which email account should be tracked if you have a few of them;
  • Enable or disable link tracking;
  • Push notifications setting.

4. Start to send email

Now that the preferred settings are maintained, you can start to send emails. You will still have the option to disable tracking for a specific email, getting an update on the status of the email or even sending emails at a specific time.

Note that new options will be added to your Gmail messages window as shown below.

The options are:

  1. Send later – It allows you to schedule emails by sending at a specific time and date or in a certain number of hours. You are in charge of everything.
  2. Remind me – This option reminds you if there was no reply from the recipient, the email message was not open, or the link in the message wasn’t clicked. For this to work, the mail must be sent with the track option enabled.
  3. Enable tracking – The third option allows you to disable or enable tracking of this particular email. Note that by default the tracking for the message is activated; the icon goes with a green colour. If you want to disable it, click the bell icon and it will turn to a red colour.

5. Monitor the email

You will receive notifications according to settings maintained for that email. However, you can also track the history of the email message by visiting the Sent folder in the Gmail account. Click on the email message and then the history should open automatically.

Just give it a try

In conclusion, it does not matter if you are a blogger, an entrepreneur or just a businessperson, you can improve the tracking of the sent emails through the Snovio Email Tracker extension. It is free, with no trademark or message of the developer in your email messages.

Try the extension to manage your sent emails effectively.

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