Top Marketing Tips and Ideas to Grow Small Business

Great marketing can make the difference between mere survival and success. These marketing tips can help new companies or reinvigorate your already established Small business.

a. Do Your Research

Whether you already have a small business or are considering starting one, field research is the first step to success. The following aspects of research will help you establish the foundation of all your future marketing efforts.

1. Know your Business.

Knowing your business means staying aware of anything happening in your field. Who is the competition? What technologies are available to make your process cutting edge? Being aware of trends or events with marketing opportunities that affect your business is vital.

2. Know your Customer.

Identify your target audience. Who will most likely use your services? You decide who will use your services based on the product you offer and how you market it.

3. Find your Niche.

After sizing up the competition and selecting your target market, determine what makes you unique in your field. Why would potential clients choose you over the competition?

b. Create your Brand

Think about a successful company you are familiar with. What image pops into your mind when you think of that company? It is likely that the image was strategically crafted through marketing to create a memorable brand. Consider two ways of creating a brand.

1. Designing Your Own Imagery

A great logo is essential to marketing success. After all, a logo will appear everywhere– online marketing, letterheads, signs, etc. It is the first thing customers will see and must be something they will remember for future purchasing decisions. Follow these basic ideas when preparing your logo.

Finding the Right Aesthetic  What message are you trying to convey? Visual elements such as fonts, line work and colors you choose all create an overall feeling for your logo. Vibrant colors and curvy lines can give a playful feeling while black and white logos with simple lines create a more dignified tone.

Designing for Simplicity – Some of the most memorable brands have extremely simple logos (i.e. Apple and Nike). Based on marketing research performed by Design Buddy, most of the successful brands throughout the world use only one or two colors in their logos. Simple designs are also more easily recognizable when printed smaller or in black and white. Simplicity is key!

2. Outside Resources to Create your Image

Hire a Professional – Unless you are moonlighting as a graphic designer, hiring one is an excellent option. Graphic designers have the training and breadth of knowledge to create identifiable logos that will lead to a strong brand. Browse portfolios of local and online companies to find one that best fits your design preferences.

Online Crowd sourcing – Much to the chagrin of traditional graphic design companies, a variety of online graphic design crowdsourcing sites can provide quick and economical designs. On sites like DesignCrowd, you simply state your needs, wants, and budget and hundreds of freelance designers will present design options.

c. Create your Voice

Create a voice for your brand by having a cohesive and consistent tone in all communications and client interactions.

Online Marketing Tips

Utilize social media and blogging to draw new clients and retain established clients. Before you flood the already saturated online world with more information, remember these important marketing tips.

Quality Over Quantity – Clients want concise information that is applicable to their needs.

Consistently Different – Post on a regular basis but provide a variety of content. Utilize lists, graphs, videos, PDFs, and other creative ways to convey your message, helping you reach a broader audience and keep them engaged.

Get Readers to Act  A marketing strategy known as CTA or Call To Action promotes client response. Use applicable links such as “Call Now”, “Find Out More”, “Subscribe To Our Mailing List” to foster immediate action from customers.

Advertising without Advertising

There is no denying the ripple effect of word of mouth advertising. According to the Global Trust in Advertising report, people trust recommendations from family and friends more than any other type of advertising. Want to gain the trust of clients and promote positive word of mouth advertising? Focus on reliability.

Make Your Deadlines – Consistently making and fulfilling deadlines is a sure way of gaining client respect. Make realistic promises and then keep them. Build a company reputation of being trustworthy.

Connect with Clients on a Personal Level – While companies should always be professional, they should also be approachable. Give the customers a human connection. Companies succeed when clients feel they are more than just a number on a spreadsheet.

Once you’ve done your research and created both an image and voice, do something daily to market your business. Notice what is working and don’t be discouraged by what isn’t. Simply move forward. Your daily commitment to growing your business is key to success.

Author Bio: Jackson Cooper is a writer and real estate enthusiast, involved in the outreach team at Jensen and Company. Look to Jensen and Company, true leaders in the Park City real estate industry for your dream home. Follow them on Twitter Or Facebook.


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