How Does Social Commerce Work on All Platforms?

2016 technology trends and social commerce

Social commerce is a new concept being adopted by eCommerce stores globally. Brands are now selling products and services across their social media platforms by linking them with their eCommerce stores. The major platforms currently being used include:


Currently, Facebook as a social commerce platform has a monthly average total of 450 million customers globally shopping with coupons and seek promos for different products and services. This all began in 2007 when a trial virtual gift sale was successful.

Nowadays, brands all over the world can sell merchandise off their Facebook page without the customers being directed to their website. Shopify customers redirected from Facebook spend an average of $40 in the US. Facebook is also listed as the biggest social commerce platform.


Pinterest is relatively popular in the US, and several other states in the world with its iPhone app downloaded 200,000 times per day. Brands are leveraging this opportunity by linking their websites to their Pinterest pages.

Pinterest has a buyable blue pin with a price tag attached to it. Customers can easily spot these tags and identify their preferred merchandise from different boards on the social network. On average the amount spent by shoppers on Pinterest is $50.


The Instagram Shop Now icon was activated in June 2015. Today one can easily integrate their Shopify powered e-commerce with their Instagram page.

In November 2017, the shopping bag icon was added to Instagram posts for products and ‘tap to see more details’. Once a customer clicks on the icon they are redirected to the main e-commerce store where they can make the purchase.

This feature enables marketers to keep track and get insights from marketing campaigns set on Instagram. It is listed as the social commerce with the biggest spenders with an average of $65 per shopper.

The team at prepared an excellent infographic which shows that social media platforms are becoming more commercial. The social commerce trend is gaining in popularity with each passing day, view below infographic.

social commerce

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