10 Money Saving Tips for College Students

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If you are a college student, or at least on the verge of going to college, you would know that it isn’t easy for you to study, earn, and manage expenses at the same time. While inexperience is one of the major reasons for the setback, it is just the right time and age to start developing yourself to be a manager of your own life. Now, before you go for saving money, why don’t you earn it by yourself rather than ask from your parents? The following are some of the best ways college students can earn some money.

1. Bring talent to trade – In case you have a passion to sing, or play a musical instrument, you can form a band and perform stage shows in various kinds of places. Or maybe you are a budding movie maker, blog writer, artist, or a photographer, and you can start on your own. Besides earning money, you might even build the base for your future. Why don’t you turn your talent into a profitable trade?

2. Get part-time job placement – There are numerous institutions in different fields, which look for fresher, specifically college students. Starting from content writing to telecalling, and even college placement advisors can lead you to your most suited money-making ventures.

3. Don’t forget college and culture – Colleges provide scholarships, which can be of great help. Also, professors might need assistance for research works. On the other hand, your neighbourhood might have a club with cultural programs, giving you a sneak in to earn money. Even, participating in any social activity with a cultural group can lead you to similar prospects.

Savings tips for College students

Now that you have found out how to earn, let us concentrate on the next part – save money, which requires spending wittily. The following loop presentation might come off handy in this regard, which explains how to administer finance for students such as you.

1. Buy second-hand books – Senior students don’t just sell their books second-hand to the juniors, but also to the book stores. This gives you a chance to save a handful amount of money right at the beginning of a session.

2. Plan expenditure – Requirements are normally very high at this growing stage. Not just the necessity, you also need certain entertaining elements which keep you refreshed and energetic. It is better to jot down everything that falls under your purchase plans. You can do so at the start of every month and keep an eye on the database for once a day.

3. Ignore debts – This is one of the challenging things for you, perfecting which can actually reflect in your personal development for the future. All you need to do is be careful about not stacking debts. You will naturally experience situations where you need to borrow money for something, and sometimes you might find it difficult to repay in time. But being a little smart right in the beginning will always keep you ahead in the game. Understand your abilities regarding your repayment attributes and borrow money accordingly.

4. Use prepaid mobile cards – While your mobile phone is one of your best friends, make sure you use prepaid cards. Be it for internet browsing or just text message conversations, prepaid cards will help you stick to your monthly budget.

5. Go for bargains – Many college students are not good with bargaining, but practicing the same every time you go to a store will save you a lot of money at the end of the day. Alongside saving money, this also enhances your communication skills and personality. On the other hand, being aware of online bargains, preferably what products and stores are on sale and providing discounts presently, will be helpful to you as well.

6. Save money together – You can buy books and computer games with another friend or a group of friends. This cuts down individual expenses, and you get to have a better hold in your budgets. In the process, you become a better manager of circumstances that involve money transactions.

7. Enjoy inexpensively – Parties and tours can break your piggy bank down, but planning the same keeping low-cost in mind is not going to diminish your fun either. Expensive restaurants can be avoided if you call your friends over to your house and order delicious dishes. Therefore, everything is kept simple and low rated, while you, with your friends, will enjoy the most being tension free and with pride.

Earning at an early age is always establishing yourself in a better way among the general mass. While enjoying the recognition, you surely don’t want to loose your head over mismanagement of your budgets. Balancing both aspects is tough, but the points mentioned above will make things possible for college students such as you.

Student life and money go hand in hand, but you don’t have to lose your sleep over the same. Irrespective of the wealth and status of your family, you can find your own individuality while earning money in your college days. Also, save some bucks from everyday life and enjoy to the fullest. Last but not the least, this already sets you to be a better human in the making.
Tina Roth is the personal finance blogger and founder of PROFinanceBlog.com. She is a commerce graduate and writes about money and personal finance. Also she is a co-author at Finance Guest Post. 


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