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So you have a new Mac in hand, and like many other operating systems, your Mac comes with some pre-loaded apps that find their usage for almost all kinds of work. Whether you’re thinking of web browsing, emailing, managing photos and tasks, playing music, navigating, or office work in general- these are there to assist a new-fangled user. They let you have fun, connect with friends, organize, work, and buy. The perks of having a Mac are aplenty- all thanks to its reputation of being an iconic Apple product. Macs are not only portable but have many great default programs.

Although Apple has done a great job in naming these default applications, yet confusion often surrounds the users. Yes, they often wonder about the app usage and whether their presence is for them or not. This statement holds even if you have recently had a conversion to macOS or are a Mac veteran with utmost satisfaction.

Expert Tip: Now that you’re a new Mac user, you’ll wish to become a pro with using every app on your device. All you’ve to do for learning to use the app is open the app, click the help button in the menu bar, or go to the description column. Doing this, you’ll be able to open the app user guide and enlighten you about the app usage.

With so much said about Mac pre-installed apps, you can’t resist knowing these? Well, if that’s the case then, let’s get started with knowing about some of these default apps:

1. Finder

The Finder app gets its use for providing full access to the apps, drives, folders, disks, and other files. This app helps in keeping all your files organized. Click on the Finder icon if you’re looking out to open a new Finder window. You will find this in the Mac Dock section when you select a file and then click on the new window option. The very first window you’ll be able to notice is All My Files, after following all the steps. Undertaking the necessary steps, you’ll find the display of all the documents and files present on your computer.

2. Notes

Notes have proven to be the heart and soul of many Mac writers. This default app is a clean yet powerful note-taking app. The excellent design and features of this app are not to mention. You can pin notes, organize hashtags, and use Markdown syntax. The ultra-fast note-taking speed makes it a must-have for all Mac users.

3. Messages

MessageS is another cool feature whose exploration should be on every Mac user’s list. This app comes with a built-in chat client that enables you to send and receive messages to other message users or even to some other third-party services that offer to message. You can also include audio clips, photos, or some other files, and also use Messages to send MMS as well as SMS texts. Yet, if you feel that constant message notifications are taking a toll on you. And, you’re wondering about how to turn off imessage on mac then tech giants recommend studying some useful material for disabling and pausing notifications for as long as you wish to. The presence of an Apple ID means signing in on an iMessage account as well.


The Macs Calendar app works well in notifying you about the schedule of all your important events. Yes, whether it is time, appointments, or birthdays- this Mac app has you covered. You can find the Calendar app on either the Dock or in the Applications Folder. Opening the app lets you change calendar views, enable event scheduling, and create a new calendar on Mac. You can do this by selecting the option New Calendar from the File menu or use the Inspector Window for editing the details of your appointment.


One of Apple’s best audio and video calling services is FaceTime. Yet, an important thing to note here is that you can use it for calling across Apple devices only. Thus, for calling Android or Windows users, using Google Hangouts, Skype, or some other calling app is the only option you have.

Game Center

Want to play and share games with friends? Well, you can now do this with Mac’s Game Center. All you need is a Mac that functions on OS X Mountain Lion and a stable internet connection. This app also tracks your progress by making use of a leader board. Use your Apple ID for signing in. Explore the world of games by playing as well as interacting with your peers.

App Store, iBooks, Maps, iPhoto are some of the many in-built Mac apps. Hopefully, this guide lets you have a glimpse of some of the apps on your system. You may find some apps excellent, while your need list might not match the others. Try exploring these great apps that come along with your shiny Mac, and experience the prowess!

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