How To Increase Click Throughs On Your Email Marketing

5 simple techniques

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Did you know that the average click through rate for email campaigns is about 4%?

That’s 4 clicks for every 100 opened emails. That’s really small if you ask me.

I mean, how can you hope to increase sales of your products and services if only out of people click on your email links? And that’s the average.

Many marketers get fewer click throughs on their email campaigns.

But new ways to increase that number has been discovered. And because I love you, I’m going to share those techniques with you here.

1. Increase your links

It has been proven that you can double your click through rate by doubling the number of links in your email. In the test carried out, a marketer included 2 links for the same topic email and found that more people clicked on the 2nd link than they did for the first link. And check this, you’d get even more clicks if you have up to 5 links in your 1 topic email.

2. Keep your email on 1 topic

Yes, I’ve been mentioning 1 topic emails in the technique above. 1 topic emails are emails that are focused on – 1 topic. It’s important to keep your emails on 1 topic because our attention span is so small (8 seconds small). Having more than the topic of your email campaign will get your readers to loose interest fast, and you don’t want that.

3. Be brief

A reiteration of the fact that we have short attention spans, and that the average worker gets up to 100 emails a day, you want to be as brief and straight to the point as possible with your emails. You would loose both attention, and clicks if your emails are more than 150 words.

4. Use your pre-header and subject line

You can increase your clicks by using your subject lines and pre-headers. How? Share the top benefit your email provides to your readers in your subject line and your pre-header line. Hope you know the difference between benefits and features though?

5. Use active CTAs

Use active words on your call to actions (CTAs). Active words like ”Click Here”, or ”Download Now” or ”Continue Reading” will help you get more clicks. Don’t be vague in an attempt to be witty or arouse curiosity, go straight to the point with what you want your readers to do after reading your email.

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