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mastering excel for accountants course

Mastering Excel is essential for every professional accountant as it helps to improve productivity. Excel is a common spreadsheet that can be used for performing data analysis and presentation. It is also very useful for non-numerical applications.

I-Grow Venture Ltd, a Gambian training, consultancy and finance solution firm is organising a 3 day- Excel course for accountants.

The course focuses on sharing some of the best productive hacks for finance and accounting professional using Microsoft Excel. It is designed by accountants for accountants. It takes the powerful features of Excel and how accountants can apply them to become more efficient.

Course Objectives

By the end of the course, participants will be able to :

  • Learn advanced Excel features useful for finance and accounting professionals such as data validation, conditional format,
  • Work with Excel techniques to improve productivity
  • Perform data analysis using tables, Pivot Table and charts.
  • Prepare financial statements from a trial balance with a simple data refresh
  • Perform What if analysis such as goal-seeker, data table and scenario analysis
  • Introduced to concept of VBA Marco to appreciate automation in Excel

You can download the full course brochure and contact details here.

Course: Excel for Accountants

DATE: 21st – 23rd August 2019

VENUE: Senegambia Hotel, The Gambia

On-line registration is now open until 15 July 2019 through the link below. Space is limited to 55 participants only.

You are guaranteed that mastering Excel will improve your productivity in any finance and accounting functions.

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