11 Budget Travel Tips That Actually Work

travel tips on budget

Many people have the desire to travel the world but the majority of us don’t have the income to support that dream. That’s why you have to be creative when it comes to your travel spending.

The 11 travel tips listed below offer, to my opinion, effective ways of saving money while travelling.

1. Use Couchsurfing or AIRBNB

Several websites are available for residents in travel destinations who offer their couch or sleep sofa’s to travellers. In addition to this option being a unique experience and way to fully immerse yourself into another culture, it is also really cheap! Couchsurfing is not a free hotel, it’s aiming to offer a unique opportunity in itself. If you’re lucky, the host will even offer their time to show you around. You might visit places you would never have been able to find on your own. In case Couchsurfing is a little too adventurous for you, you could try your luck with Airbnb. At Airbnb, you can rent a room or even a resident’s apartment, ranging from super basic to luxury options.

2. Eat street food

Almost everywhere in the world, you can get street food. Have a look around and check out where the majority of the local people buy their food, usually, these places serve delicious local grub. Don’t forget to have a quick look at the hygiene too. The safest choice would be to avoid meat and fish and opt for places a lot of people are lining up. Usually, they specialise in one particular dish, generally super delicious and a lot cheaper than a restaurant.

3. Have lunch at a bakery

If you decide to lunch at a restaurant, you basically eat out twice a day which can be quite an expensive habit. It’s a lot cheaper to find a local bakery. Ask the staff about the bestselling product: win-win.

4. Create a budget and compensate

Think about your daily spending. If you are planning something expensive on a certain day, make sure to compensate to keep your spending low the next day. Planned an expensive activity? Just plan a free activity the following day. Extra tip: Read the book “The best things in life are free” with helpful tips for free activities all around the world.

5. Book early – Best of all travel tips

Be flexible and play around with your arrival and departure dates. You can easily compare the airline prices and schedules on the website Skyscanner or use the mobile application. Usually the earlier you book, the cheaper. In addition, a lot of airlines have promotions throughout the year, keep an eye on that or visit the airlines’ websites. You can even mark a flight with Skyscanner or Hopper so that if the price changes or is about to go up, you will get an email warning you of this.

6. Book free tours

Free tours are an upcoming trend in big cities. Mostly, these tours are quite creative and can be a lot more fun than paid tours. It’s free…but give the guide a small tip, they would highly appreciate it. Just Google “Free tour –insert city- “.

7. Travel insurance

A good international health insurance has two big advantages. Firstly, you can save quite a lot of money by choosing the insurance plan. Second, in case something happens, you certainly want to be fully covered. Health expenses can turn your holiday into a straight disaster.

8. Public transport

It´s not the most comfortable or hygienic option, but it is normally the cheapest! For example, the train from Bangkok to Chiang Mai is way cheaper compared to flying. On top of that, the trip is well-known as a party experience and great way to see the country.

9. Travel with a backpack

It’s a lot easier to travel around with a backpack as you can basically bring it everywhere you go. Also, many airlines charge quite extreme fees if your luggage exceeds the allowable limit (20-30kg). Bringing a big suitcase might get you in trouble on the scale and with your wallet.

10. Research the local food

The food consumed by locals is usually the cheapest around. Keep your eyes open or get some more insights by reading Lonely Planet. Doing so, you will eat something cheap and most likely something special. Stay away from imported products and items not in season.

11. String along with fellow travellers

In every country, there are sightseeing trips everyone wants to do. If you are travelling solo, try to string along with a group of people staying in the same hostel or hotel. It’s easier to receive a discount with a group and learning tips from current travellers can often save you money.

Now on to you. Share any of your cool travel tips with us in the comment box.

About Marcel de Jong – Marcel de Jong is a specialist in travelling for more than 15 years. He saw more than 47 countries and keeps travelling 10 months per year. Since 2012 he’s blogging for Now Health International helping thousands of people with the best tips for travelling, insurance and healthcare on the road. Now Health International is a global business that offers the International Health Insurance and International Medical Insurance services.


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