Sub-Saharan Africa offers to startups

5 Advantages Sub-Saharan Africa Offers to Entrepreneurs and Investors.

20-Jun-2017 0

Western markets are highly competitive, which motivates many entrepreneurs to move their businesses to the developing countries. Until recently, China and Southeast Asia were on the top of this list, but since most of the […]

inspirational quotes

21 Inspirational Quotes for Young Entrepreneurs

15-Jun-2016 6

Sometimes, you just need some inspirational quotes from other entrepreneurs to boost your energy. Today, I am sharing 21 inspirational quotes specifically to motivate the young entrepreneurs around the world. When thing get tough, it […]

cash flows management in small business

How to improve Cash flows in Small Business?

20-Apr-2016 0

Maintaining good cash flows is crucial for any small businesses. Optimized cash flows indicated the strategies a business can use to better improve the amount of capital flowing in and out of the business.It represents […]

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