cost of building in the gambia
Personal Finance

Building in The Gambia: Five Smart Ways to Save Money

28-Jul-2016 4

The cost of building in The Gambia is increasing for variety of reasons. Primarily, the person who own the building does not have complete control over the cost of construction. In this article, Azan Jallow our […]

compound interest formula

Power of Compound Interest on Savings

01-Jul-2016 17

Whether you liked Mathematics or not, you may have learned compound interest and simple interest calculations in secondary school. However, chances are your teacher never told you the practical importance of compound interest formula in […]

Young people with money
Other Money Tips

Common Money Mistakes Made by Young People

25-May-2016 7

Most young people have unique advantage when it comes to money. They have more time on their side compared to the adult generation. Young people have number of years to work and save for their […]

emergency fund buidling
Personal Finance

How to build an Emergency Fund Account

27-Apr-2016 4

What is an emergency Fund ? An emergency fund is an easily accessible account that is used to set aside funds to be used in case of emergency, such as the loss of a job, […]

married couples

Financial Guide For Newly Married Couples

23-Feb-2016 6

Financial infidelity in married is nothing out of the ordinary these days. According to a survey conducted by Forbes Woman, 31% of examined admitted that they lied to their partners about finances, and another third […]

savings products in banks in the gambia
Personal Finance

General Savings Products and their Features

27-Jan-2016 0

We all save money for different reasons, however choosing the right savings products can be very helpful in managing your funds. Savings products are secure and liquid accounts offered by financial institutions in assisting the management […]

online banking security
Personal Finance

How to Protect Your Online Banking Accounts

25-Nov-2015 4

Many banks in the Gambia have introduced internet or online banking system where customers can transact or issue instructions to the bank. The use of these online facilities have inherent risk of internet fraud and […]

Save money in the Gambia
Other Money Tips

10 Reasons You Should Start to Save Money

28-Oct-2015 18

We have heard various reasons why many people cannot save money, but honestly, most of these excuses are actually not valid. Our needs and wants are unlimited and there will always be a reason why […]

banking terms
Other Money Tips

16 Common Banking Terms You Should Know

30-Sep-2015 0

Banking terms and concepts are many and can sometimes be difficult to comprehend, even for the industry professionals. However, since banking is a critical part of our business and personal life, it is helpful for consumers […]

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