Young people and financial problem
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Why most Young People are Financially Broke ?

25-May-2017 0

I am broke! I am stranded! these are common phrases among most young people particular during the third week after the pay day. Some of these people will sometimes take bank overdraft or small credit […]

travel tips on budget
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11 Budget Travel Tips That Actually Work

04-May-2017 0

Many people have the desire to travel the world but the majority of us don’t have the income to support that dream. That’s why you have to be creative when it comes to your travel […]

Good money habits , bad money habits
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21 Good Money Habits That Can Save You More Money

10-Mar-2017 0

While it’s tempting for most people to believe that wealth is about being lucky, the reality is that it’s mostly about our smart and good money habits. No matter the income level, your personal finance conditions can […]

personal financial plan
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How to Prepare Personal Financial Plan in 7 Steps

23-Jan-2017 0

When it comes to money, most individuals would love to manage their personal finances so that they achieve maximum satisfaction from their money. To achieve this goal, you must first identify your financial goals and […]

financial net worth calculator with free template
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How to Calculate Personal Financial Net Worth

26-Dec-2016 0

One of the most important activities in personal financial management is the periodic assessment of personal financial net worth. It is like the barometer of financial health. Have you ever assessed your personal financial net worth? If your answer is yes, […]

Gambian youths
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Top Financial Challenges Faced By Gambian Youths

07-Nov-2016 0

The Gambia is known as “The Smiling Coast.”  The year-round sunshine, beautiful beaches, and exotic scenery, only a six-hour flight from the UK, make this West African nation a perfect destination for vacations.  In addition, […]

time value of money
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How Time Value of Money affects Wealth

14-Oct-2016 2

The time value of money commonly called time value is the concept that money available today (present time) is more valuable than the same amount in the future. It is a core principle of finance which state that […]

college students
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10 Money Saving Tips for College Students

15-Sep-2016 0

If you are a college student, or at least on the verge of going to college, you would know that it isn’t easy for you to study, earn, and manage expenses at the same time. […]

How to buy Gambia treasury bills

How to Buy Gambia Treasury Bills and Sukuk Al Salam

02-Sep-2016 2

Following the posting of an article about the features and benefits of Treasury bills investment, I have received many questions from some readers who wishes to know how someone can buy Gambia treasury bills and Sukuk […]

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