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Central Bank of The Gambia Monetary Policy Committee 28-Feb-2018

Press Release 01-Mar-2018 Banjul 1.  The Monetary Policy Committee (MPC) of the Central Bank of The Gambia met on Wednesday, 28-Feb-2018 to assess domestic and international economic developments and set the key policy interest rate. [……]

2016 technology trends and social commerce

How Does Social Commerce Work on All Platforms?

Social commerce is a new concept being adopted by eCommerce stores globally. Brands are now selling products and services across their social media platforms by linking them with their eCommerce stores. The major platforms currently [……]

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10 Online Business Ideas in 2018 & Beyond

Technology has enabled innovators to start making money almost from anywhere with good online business ideas. In fact, some companies operate wholly online and it lowers their operating cost. The profits can be great, and [……]