turn simple idea into business
Business Ideas

How To Turn A Simple Idea Into An Amazing Business

Some individuals, especially those with an entrepreneurial mindset, can come up with numerous ideas daily. They observe their surroundings, see an opportunity to meet a need or satisfy people around them, then come up with [……]

financial net worth calculator with free template
Other Money Tips

How to Calculate Personal Financial Net Worth

One of the most important activities in personal financial management is the periodic assessment of personal financial net worth. It is like the barometer of financial health. Have you ever assessed your personal financial net worth? If your answer is yes, [……]

social media tips for small business in gambia, promote online stores

5 Basic Social Media Tips for Small Businesses

Every business worth its salt, from huge multinational corporations to small, local businesses has a social media presence these days. From developing a reputation for expertise in a specific industry to promoting products, highlighting events [……]