Top 10 Blog Articles on Business in Gambia 2017

We’ve been thrilled to post many amazing articles on the business in Gambia blog – from sharing inspirational stories to advise from peers and experts in order to help take your business and finance to the next level.

Here are the most-read pieces of content that we published in the year 2017:

1. 10 Investment Opportunities in the New Gambia – 2017

The investment opportunities in this article have created some of the successful entrepreneurs in the Gambia, and If you want to increase your chances of building a successful business in the new Gambia,  these opportunities can possibly make your dream come true. Read more…..

2. 12 Cheap Small Business Ideas You Can Start Now

Looking for how to start a small business but you don’t have much money? Then check out this 12 list of profitable small business ideas you can start quickly and inexpensively in the Gambia.1 You can even start some of these business ideas with zero to few dalasis as capital. Read more here

3. 13 Agriculture Business Ideas in the Gambia

Agriculture is the most important sector in most developing economy and one of the priority areas of development, particularly in the new global climate of price escalation of staple food items. This sector produces the basic source of food and happens to be one of the oldest professions of mankind. Read more here

4. Treasury Bills Investment in the Gambia

Treasury bills is an investment product that offers you utmost security as it is backed by the Central Government. It is one of the highest yield and liquid investment in the Gambia. However, many young people and small businesses are not making use of this liquid and secure investment product. Why? Because they do not understand the features and benefits of treasury bill or how to go about investing in treasury bills in the Gambia. Read more here.

5. 10 Reasons You Should Start to Save Money

We have heard various reasons why many people cannot save money, but honestly, most of these excuses are actually not valid. Our needs and wants are unlimited and there will always be a reason why we should spend instead of saving money today. However, the truth is that the only way to save money is to start now. Read more here.

6. 10 Key Elements of a Good Business Plan

A good business plan serves as a guide for building a successful venture, which focuses on your business idea, and strategies for making it happen. The elements of a business plan generally depend on the purpose and users of the plan. Read more here.

7. Building in The Gambia: Five Smart Ways to Save Money

The cost of building in The Gambia is increasing for a variety of reasons. Primarily, the person who owns the building does not have complete control over the cost of construction. In this article, Azan Jallow our Guest writer described five ways to save money on building in The Gambia. Read more here.

8. 21 Good Money Habits That Can Save You More Money

While it’s tempting for most people to believe that wealth is about being lucky, the reality is that it’s mostly about our smart and good money habits. No matter the income level, your finance conditions can improve if you follow the good money habits. Read more here.

9. Gambia Major Imported Products and Countries 2014-2015

The value of the Gambia’s total imports increased from 16.1 billion in 2014 to 17.2 billion in 2015 representing a rise of 6.6%. Asia, ECOWAS and the EU continued to be the main sources of Gambian imports representing 81% of total imports. With this article, you will understand the major products, countries and sectors where other entrepreneurs are making sales, the opportunity to introduce a new product or even use them to back up your business analytical information. Read more here.

10. How to Prepare Personal Financial Plan in 7 Steps

When it comes to money, most individuals would love to manage their personal finances so that they achieve maximum satisfaction from their money. To achieve this goal, you must first identify your financial goals and set priorities. Read more here.

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