teach children about money
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How to Teach Children about Money

09-Sep-2015 5

Given the important of personal finance in life, it’s surprising that our schools still don’t teach children about money. As a parent, however, you can teach your children about the important financial lessons — and you […]

personal budget

How to Prepare Personal Budget

19-Aug-2015 6

Personal budget is a financial plan that shows an individual or family incomes and spending plan. It is the best way for anyone to take control of personal finances. Simple tool like personal budget helps you to understand […]

Treasury bills

Treasury Bills Investment in Gambia

28-Jul-2015 12

Treasury bills is an investment product that offers you utmost security as it is backed by the Central Government. It is one of the highest yield and liquid investment in the Gambia. However, many young people […]

personal finance

Personal Finance Management Tips

03-Jul-2015 0

Personal finance management requires focus and self-discipline. Sure, it can be challenging at times, but it basically comes down to the principle of planning, saving, investing and budgeting. Today, I want to share 10 tips on how to improve your […]

Personal Finance

Savings Mean Pay Yourself First.

18-Jun-2015 4

Savings simply means a deliberate accumulation of excess funds by spending less than what you earns. It is deliberate attempt to financially succeed. You save by giving up the purchase of something in the present. […]

wealth building
Personal Finance

Successful Wealth Building Formulas

06-Jun-2015 6

If you read many financial books or listen to the some investment experts, you’ll come to the conclusion that wealth building is very much complicated. You will think wealth building steps are technical, and cannot […]

financial error

5 Common Financial Mistakes to Avoid

01-Jun-2015 2

Your financial situation is a combination of every financial decision you’ve made up to this point. However, identifying your financial mistakes – and precisely where you went wrong – will help you avoid making more down […]

start business in gambia
Personal Finance

Gambia Business & Finance Blog

13-May-2015 0

About Business in Gambia Blog Business in Gambia is an online platform that shares valuable information about personal finance and small business tips. The focus of the site is to share practical tips with young […]

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