Gambia major export products
Gambia Imports and Exports

Gambia Major Imported Products and Countries 2014-2015

The value of the Gambia’s total imports increased from 16.1 billion in 2014 to 17.2 billion in 2015 representing a rise of 6.6%. Asia, ECOWAS and the EU continued to be the main sources of […]

financial net worth calculator with free template
Other Money Tips

How to Calculate Personal Financial Net Worth

One of the most important activities in personal financial management is the periodic assessment of personal financial net worth. It is like the barometer of financial health. Have you ever assessed your personal financial net worth? If your answer is yes, […]

time value of money
Personal Finance

How Time Value of Money affects Wealth

The time value of money commonly called time value is the concept that money available today (present time) is more valuable than the same amount in the future. It is a core principle of finance which state that […]